Elder's Branch

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Elder's Branch
The World Tree's Will
Elder's Branch.png

Skills[edit | edit source]

Slow (- %) 50 50 50
Count 3 5 7
Mana Cost 80 100 120
Cool Down (s) 10 10 10

Restoring Salve
Restoring Salve.png
Health Regen 200 300 400
Mana Regen 100 200 300
Charges* 4 4 4
Mana Cost 80 100 120
Cool Down (s) 1 1 1
* Gain one charge every 8 seconds, stop charging when it reaches 4 charges. At most 4 Restoring Salve can exist, creating a new one will result in the oldest one disappearing

Lore[edit | edit source]

The great forests of the Brambleholt were once home to the Kil'nari, the People of the Tree. So named because they lived in the boughs of Nari, the World Tree at the Brambleholt's heart. It is said that the Kil'nari were keepers of the tree, responsible for its health and security. They took to this duty with religious fervor, and for generations they kept Nari safe from all who would harm it, but they harbored a larger secret; Nari was the sanctuary of one of the rarest dragon broods of all, the Tanglewing dragon.

The Kil'nari and the Tanglewing coexist within Nari's canopy, each tending to the great tree and in return gaining some of the tree's power and glimpses into its eons-old memories. For the Kil'nari, there is no greater reward than the Elder's Branch:

When Nari is ready to recognize the wisest of the Kil'nari matriarchs, it grows for them a sprig that falls at the feet of the matriarch and becomes an Elder's Branch; a cutting of the World Tree that will live and thrive as long as the Matriarch's rule is wise and her cause is Just. The final duty of the matriarch, as age finally takes her from the world, is to travel far from Nari and plant the Elder's Branch where it will take root and spread, expanding the Brambleholt and the safety of its forested environs.

In times of great need, Nari will grant the honor of an Elder's Branch to a warrior or a shaman to slow the advance of any evil that might threaten the Brambleholt. The war for dominance between Asteroth and Hyperion is such a time and Riders on both sides have already been seen wielding the Elder's Branch, raising the question: Does Nari favor one god over the other, or does the World Tree simply desire an end to the war?

Tips[edit | edit source]

Control the Crowd - Tanglevines are useful even when your enemies avoid them: place tanglevine seeds as roadblocks, and your enemies will move in the direction you want them to go, in order to avoid being slowed by your tanglevines.

Be a Team Player - Since it heals both health and mana, Restoring Salve is a tide-turning ability, but to be used most effectively, you should be throwing salves at your friends so they can stay focused on the fight.

Pair with Mistfallow to play the support role - Mistfallow's Soul Siphon is easily used from the back rank since it doesn't need to be aimed and the back rank - just directly behind your frontline brawlers - is exactly the place to be to use Restoring Salve to make your brawlers invincible.