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Game Modes

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MOBA[edit | edit source]

OBJECTIVE: Destroy Shrines and Obelisks to free your Titan in the classic MOBA map.

Each team has 2 Shrines and 4 Obelisks which are protected by Elemental Towers. Elemental Towers defend territory and power shields around Shrines and Obelisks, as well as powering the Veils of Disruption which slow enemies on contact. Each team has 3 team hoards, which protect allies from damage, restore Health and Mana and clear negative status effects. Depositing gold in your hoard speeds up your leveling and contributes to summoning the Chaos Titan, a massive creature who will fight for your team.The Chaos Titan’s primary objective is to destroy enemy structures and can cause massive damage if left alone. He also heals nearby allies, making him the perfect rallying point. You must hurry to ensure he’s summoned by your team and not your enemies! When the shields powering the Titan Cage have been depleted, the Titan Cage is vulnerable to attacks. Attack together to free your Titan and achieve Victory!


CAPTURE POINTS[edit | edit source]

OBJECTIVE: Race to control all 5 Capture Points and free your Titan.

Controlling Capture Points will increase the rate of decay on the enemy’s Titan Cage. In Capture Points, all Dragon Lords will slowly gain experience over time. Depositing gold in your hoard speeds up leveling as in MOBA, however you can now also deposit gold in Capture Points that are owned by your team.

At the start of the match, all 5 Capture Points start in a Neutral phase. Dragon Lords who stay on top of the Capture Point will begin the capturing process. The more Dragon Lords on the Capture Point, the faster it will be captured. Taking a Capture Point will spawn 4 turrets to help the captor defend it. You must destroy all 4 of an enemy Capture Point’s turrets before you can capture it.

To quickly move across the map, utilize the 5 teleporters located at your base. Once your team controls a Capture Point, the corresponding teleporter box is activated and will teleport you from your base directly to that Capture Point. Teleporters can come in handy for an emergency defensive strategy or a combined team attack. The Capture Points map is large and you’ll need to move across the map quickly. To aid you in battle, Astra has gifted you with a Home ability, which will transport your Dragon back to your hoard. To activate Home, click on the icon or press the (T) hotkey. Home has an interruptible charge-up, so take care to avoid damage when casting it.

Capture Point Map

ARAM (all random all middle)[edit | edit source]

OBJECTIVE: Mix it up with randomly selected dragons on the streets of Halvalas in this single lane battle to free your Titan.

In ARAM, dragons are randomly assigned to all players from the pool of weekly free rotation and owned dragons, with one re-roll allowed per player. However, you can still select the weapon of your choice. Gold is automatically deposited in ARAM without having to visit a hoard. When enough gold is collected by your team, giant ballistae will fire powerful arrows that travel across the entire battlefield, damaging everything in their path. ARAM has hoards that do not heal, but still clear negative status effects. Also, for the first time, enemy minions will drop potions that recover mana as in addition to health to help fuel your attacks and keep you in the fight. The key to ARAM is teamwork, and that begins with weapon selection. Without the support of restorative weapons like Veritas Scripturas or Rainmaker, your team may find itself low on vital health and mana. Likewise, without enough offensive firepower, you may find yourself constantly on the defense, unable to break through the wave of attacks. To free your Titan from the enemy Titan Cage, you must systematically make your way down the streets of Halvalas, taking down enemies, turrets and shrines along the way. A loss of a teammate is critical and can be worse than a loss in field advancement. A team that sticks together wins together in ARAM.

ADVENTURE MODE[edit | edit source]

The Great Wars have been fought, yet trouble remains in The Lands Below. In Adventure Mode, you will travel through a variety of different regions, delving deeper into the unfolding story as you embark on single player missions in exchange for great rewards. Complete missions, find hidden treasure and earn dragons for completing each Act. There are 10 stages to an Act, with 15 exciting missions in each stage. Each mission rewards you with a star. Collect 75 stars to unlock the Tier II version of the Dragon and all 150 stars for the powerful Tier III dragon!

Act I Summary[edit | edit source]

The Elder of Morth has been kidnapped and darkness looms over the borders of the vast Mire Bog. Deep within the forests, an illness corrupts the great guardian trees. Without the guidance of the Elder and under constant siege, the villagers of the once peaceful Mire Bog have fallen to despair. Forge unlikely alliances and discover the dark secret that haunts the Mire Bog, Peacebringer!

Act II Summary[edit | edit source]

For millennia, Magekeep has been a pillar of magical stability. All manner of magic has been taught and preserved within its ancient walls. It has survived for so many years by remaining neutral in the Great Wars. Whispers of malice haunt the halls of the great Axiom and rumors of dark magic run rampant. The revered magical dragons that lived for centuries in peace with humans have turned chaotic and feral. All of The Lands Below tremor in fear of the dark magic that grows ever stronger in the halls of Magekeep, yet the doors of the Axiom remain closed, shut off from the world. Brave One, we call on you once again to face that which lies within. Steady your blade and steel your heart for dark magic and foul play are surely at hand.

Act III Summary[edit | edit source]

The Dark One has fled Magekeep and threatens the natives of The Island Empire. Once vigilant and strong, the Island Empire produced some of the most fearsome and respected warriors in the Eternal Lands. Internal strife and constant siege from the lawless pirates have reduced the once mighty empire to a shadow of its former glory… the perfect setting for a hostile takeover. Dragon Lord, there is none but you who can stand against the Dark One. Urdun calls on you once more to stop these dastardly plans and restore peace to The Island Empire. Make haste, for the shadows and darkness grow stronger with each passing day. The Empire has pledged to bestow upon you the exclusive dragon of their lands, Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Warrior in exchange for your heroism.

Act IV Summary[edit | edit source]