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CONTROLS[edit | edit source]

Full control list

Movement:[edit | edit source]

Dragon riding is the most basic skill in Dragons and Titans. While you hold down either SHIFT or the right mouse button, your Dragon will move towards your cursor. Press SPACEBAR and your dragon will fly away from your cursor, or fly backwards. To zoom in or out, use your mouse scroll button.

Keyboard Shortcuts:[edit | edit source]

In match, abilities and spells are your skills and weapons. Play close attention to the mana cost and cooldown of each ability to maximize your effectiveness.

To use your dragon’s primary attack, or breath attack, either hold down your left mouse button or press the “Q” button. “W” will activate your dragon’s secondary attack. Weapon abilities are activated with “E” and “R” for the primary and secondary abilities. You can also quickly spend an upgrade point on the corresponding ability by using the number keys (1 -5).

Spells are bound to the “D” and “F” buttons and the Home ability (active only in Capture Points map and Adventure Mode) is used by pressing the “T” button. You may also click on any of the corresponding icons to use them. Potions are powerful single-use boosts that can only be used in Adventure Mode or Co-Op. The hotkeys for potions are “G” and “H.”

Titan Cage:[edit | edit source]

To win the game, you must destroy the enemies’ Titan Cage and free your Titan. The Titan Cage is shielded and cannot be damaged until the shield is down.

In the MOBA map, the Titan Cage is powered by 2 Shrines and 4 Obelisks.

In the Capture Points map, the Titan Cage is powered by the number of Capture Points owned by each team. In the ARAM map, 2 Shrines power the Titan Cages.

Shrines:[edit | edit source]

Shrines help power the Titan Cage in the MOBA and ARAM map. Destroying a Shrine will greatly increase the rate of decay on the Titan Cage’s shield. Destroying a Shrine early in a match can create a big advantage. Shrines are shielded by defensive elemental towers and cannot be damaged until their linked towers are destroyed first.

Obelisks:[edit | edit source]

Destroying an Obelisk will cause a huge chunk of the Titan Cage’s shield to dissipate immediately. Obelisks are shielded by a linked elemental tower and cannot be damaged until the towers are first destroyed.

Elemental Towers:[edit | edit source]

There are 3 types of Elemental Towers: Cannon, Fireball and Lightning. Cannon towers have a long ranged, projectile that shoots in a straight line. Fireball towers shoot balls of fire that tracks enemies with a seeking missile. Lightning towers can attack multiple enemies at once, as long as it is within the range. Once in range, the lightning attacks from these elemental towers cannot be dodged.

To the lone Dragon Lord, an elemental tower can be extremely dangerous and is best approached in groups. Elemental towers are most often linked to other structures or objectives, such as Shrines, Obelisks or the Veil of Disruption. In order to destroy the structure they are defending, you must take down the linked towers first.

Veil of Disruption:[edit | edit source]

There are two Veils of Disruption on each side, deployed between towers at critical defensive choke points. They severely disrupt enemy Dragon speed upon contact, leaving enemies as a sitting duck for surrounding towers and allied Dragon Lords. The Veil of Disruption is disabled when their linked Elemental Towers are destroyed.

Minions:[edit | edit source]

Each team has two types of minions. Large minions (angels and demons) have significant ranged firepower and health but have slower movement speed. Small minions (eagles and bats) use have less health and use an auto-aiming dash attack that negates enemy positional advantages. In small numbers, minions can be easily dispatched of, but left unchecked, minions can make a serious dent in your defenses.

Gold:[edit | edit source]

Collect and deposit gold to gain experience to level your dragon. Leveling your dragon in a match increases your dragon’s health, mana, speed and unlocks abilities. If you kill an enemy dragon, minion or structure, they will drop varying amounts of gold. Fly over gold coins to pick them up. In MOBA and Adventure Mode, you must deposit gold back to your hoard. In Capture Points, you can deposit gold in your hoard or an owned Capture Point. In ARAM, gold is automatically deposited upon collection. When you die, any gold you have picked up and not deposited will be scattered for enemies to collect. If you have a full bag, find a hoard quickly!

Hoards:[edit | edit source]

You are safe within the healing and mana revitalizing power of a friendly hoard*. Hoards greatly increase the natural health and mana regeneration of your dragon and clears any negative status effects. Any gold you have collected will be turned into experience points, speeding up your leveling efforts. Hoard shields are impervious to hostile fire**, preventing any friendly dragons inside from taking damage.

  • In ARAM, hoards only clear negative status effects.
  • Adventure hoards do not have a shield.

Chaos Titan:[edit | edit source]

The classic MOBA map features the Chaos Titan. As you return gold to the Hoard, you also simultaneously contribute towards summoning the Chaos Titan. You can see how close your team is to summoning the Chaos Titan by looking at the meter in the top center of the screen. Be vigilant in returning gold, as once he is summoned by one team, both teams will have their offerings to this Titan reset.

The Chaos Titan can quickly dispose of structures and also heals nearby friendly dragons. Though powerful, he is not immune to attacks and can fall to a well-organized attack. Be sure to protect and defend your Chaos Titan should your team summon him.

Ballistae:[edit | edit source]

In ARAM, each team has a set of Ballistae which are charged up by collected gold. When enough gold has been collected by a team, 3 powerful arrows fly down the single lane battlefield, damaging all in its path. Listen for the horns announcing the launching of ballistae arrows. By the time you see them, it’s too late!

UPGRADING[edit | edit source]

Every time you level up in a match, you get one upgrade point to spend. You can spend upgrade points on any of your four loadouts or your dragon upgrade. Experiment with different orders of spending your points throughout a match. It can make a huge difference in your effectiveness with dragon and weapon combinations at various points in a game. The higher level you are, the longer it will take to revive your dragon. Stick with your team and don’t get overconfident.

Health and Mana Potions:[edit | edit source]

In MOBA and Capture Points, friendly hoards sharply increase the natural health and mana regeneration of your dragon. However in ARAM map, hoards only clear negative status effects. Collect health and mana potions to keep your dragon healthy and refreshed for the next oncoming wave of attacks. Killing enemy dragon lords has a chance to drop green health potions and minions have a chance to drop purple mana potions which power your dragon and weapon abilities.

Forge Elements:[edit | edit source]

Weapons that are owned can be forged to make them more powerful. To begin the forging process, Forge Elements are required. There are 4 different kinds of forge elements, which can be found in matches or adventure mode. Forge elements drop randomly in all match modes, with a higher frequency in PvP matches.

STARTING A MATCH[edit | edit source]

Menu Map.jpg

  • Click on “Battle Above” located in the top left section of the world map.
  • Select which type of match you want to play: Multi-Player (PvP, Co-Op) or Single Player (Note: To play a PvP match, you must be matched with 9 other players to make 2 teams of 5).
  • Select which map you would like to play from the Map Preferences window.
  • Once you are matched up with enough other Dragon Lords, you will be placed into a match lobby together.

Click on the chat field[edit | edit source]

In the match lobby, both teams select their Dragon, Weapon, Runes Page and Spells. This is an important time to plan strategy and tactics with your team while composing your Dragon and Weapon selection. Hit ENTER or click on the chat field to chat privately with your team. When everyone is ready or the countdown finishes, the match will begin.

Selecting a Dragon and a Weapon[edit | edit source]

Select a Dragon and Weapon for the current match by clicking any available thumbnail. You can choose any Dragon or Weapon that you own or is on the weekly free rotation and has not yet been selected by someone else on your team. Read the descriptions carefully; each Dragon and Weapon plays differently and can require various approaches to be successful.

You can see which Dragons and Weapons your teammates are selecting in the match lobby. Some Dragons and Weapons will be more effective when combined with certain other Dragons and Weapons. Try different combinations of teams and upgrade strategies to find the best ways to win.

Selecting Spells[edit | edit source]

As the player levels up their Lord, new Spells unlock as well. Spells are abilities that are not bound to a dragon or weapon. You have 2 slots for spells that can be used in each match.

Selecting Runes[edit | edit source]

Runes are enhancements that alter your current Dragon and Weapon’s statistics and abilities during the course of a match. While a single Rune is only a small adjustment, many Runes in combination can be significant.

While in the match lobby you will only be able to switch between Rune pages. To access and edit the full Runes page you must exit the match lobby and visit the Runemaster.

Communication and Alerts[edit | edit source]

Hit ENTER or click the chat icon to type and send text chat with your teammates. Hit ENTER again to send whatever you type.

You can also send global chat to everyone in the match (including enemies) by hitting SHIFT-ENTER or typing “/g “ at the beginning of a chat line. In a match, all chat defaults to team chat, but you can also type “/t “ at the beginning of your chat line in the main chat outside of battles while in a team.

Hold the ALT key and click on the minimap to send a ping alert to your teammates at that point. This will alert your team that some kind of action needs to be taken at that location.

The game will also alert you when key strategic events are occurring, such as your Obelisk coming under attack, or your Titan Cage Shield going to zero.

DRAGON LORD ADVANCEMENT[edit | edit source]

End of match Rewards[edit | edit source]

At the end of each match the War Titan will offer you XP and Crystal rewards based on your team’s performance and your individual accomplishments in that match, such as destroying an elemental tower or taking out an Obelisk or Shrine.

XP[edit | edit source]

Experience points represent your progress to the next rank. As you gain XP, your XP bar will fill up. When the bar fills completely you rank up and earn new benefits. A dragon lord’s rank unlocks more rune slots and spells.

Crystals[edit | edit source]

Crystals can be spent on Dragon or Weapon packs or Runes.

Epic War Marks[edit | edit source]

Epic War Marks double your reward from the War Titan, greatly speeding up your dragon lord advancement. You receive 1 Epic War Mark when your dragon lord ranks up. You can purchase additional Epic War Marks in the Shop.