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Runes activate as you level-up during a match and add various bonuses to your dragon in battle. There are 15 different types of runes, each offering a different kind of bonus, such as Damage Increase, Health Regen or even Cooldowns on abilities. Each rune type has 3 Tiers. The higher the tier, the better the bonus. Combine 3 of the same Rune to earn a higher tiered Rune. (Note) Fully leveled Up Runes are still very weak. The only way to see a benefit from runes is by stacking them (Stacking means using multiple runes of the same type and level) to fill all 30 slots. This is not always possible so use as many as u can of one type than fill the rest with another type. Try and get all Damage Increase runes with a Dragon like SpineReaver and you will be winning many battles.

Ability Cost Cooldown Damage Increase Damage Reduce Gold Carry Gold Collect Health Regen Health Steal Max Health Max Mana Mana Regen Mana Steal Improved Potions Respawn Time Spell Cooldown
Ability Cost.png Cooldown.png Damage Increase.png Damage Reduce.png Gold Carry Size.png Gold Collect.png Health Regen.png Health Steal.png Max Health.png Max Mana.png Mana Regen.png Mana Steal.png Improved Potions.png Respawn Time.png Spell Cooldown.png