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Opener of Doors

Skills[edit | edit source]

Alpha Gate
Alpha Gate.png
Health 600 900 1900
Mana Cost 200 250 300
Cool Down (s) 5 5 5

Omega Gate
Omega Gate.png
Health 600 900 1900
Mana Cost 200 250 300
Cool Down (s) 5 5 5

Lore[edit | edit source]

Ambidocious, The gnomish artificer squinted through the orange crystal at the dawning sun. "It's ready!" he exclaimed, fastening the lens in the jaws of a waiting snake, carved into the large pale staff arranged on his magickal workbench. A similar snake coiled around the first and faced it on the opposite side, a blue crystal lens fixed between its own jaws. Tiny, intricate runes crawled down the shaft between the snakes.

The wrinkled little man rubbed his hands together, hopped in the air and cackled with glee, startling his wing-cat familiar, Minou, who fluttered up from his perch on the bookcase, disgruntled. "When the evocation is complete, we shall be able to step between the stars themselves, kitten!" The gnome laughed again and cavorted about his table.

Finally, it was exactly noon, and Ambidocious finished the incantations. The staff was ready to use! Ambidocious swept up the staff, the twin snakes towering over him and spoke the word of command. A tremendous surge of energy swept through his small form, and for a moment the old gnome was blinded by orange fire. Minou mewled loudly and fluttered to a shaky stack of books behind him.

A ring of orange light whirled before the stunned gnome, his knees shook with anticipation. Suddenly, the precipitous tower of books crashed to the floor, leaving the wing cat fluttering in the air and so startling Ambidocious that his little hand slipped on the staff, and he fell forward into the swirling mouth of the gate. The staff fell to the floor and the portal closed, leaving only the empty lab, and a very confused cat.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Gates aren't invincible : A straight shot from your base to the enemy's Titan Cage makes for a quick route for your allies, but placement of your gate is key. Enemies will be quick to destroy your gate. Keep them out of plain sight and be sneaky!

Communication is key! : Your Gates can be very useful, but only if you let your teammates know where you put them! Keep a close eye on the map for icons to see where the Alpha and Omega Gates are placed.